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NFT History and Milestones

NFT History and Milestones


This section describes some of the important milestones in the development of the NOAA Fisheries Toolbox. 


Models in the NOAA Fisheries Toolbox are continuously being updated. Be sure to check the Toolbox home page regularly to get information on the latest versions. For individual model histories, please see the page describing the model you are interested in, or contact User Support.


January 2009

(NFT Version 3.1)

The last nine months have seen significant growth and improvements in the Toolbox.

Two new models were introduced:

Two new assessment tools were introduced:

Behind the scenes the Toolbox team has moved to the Microsoft .Net framework and programming tools for the the graphical interface for new models and significant updates to existing models.  Advantages seen in models using the new platform include:

  • Toolbox windows are no longer fixed at 800x600 allowing support for larger and multiple monitors.  Key controls such as data grids, plots and graphs will automatically resize with the window.

  • Further improvements to the grid entry tool, which is now based on the Microsoft Data Grid View.

  • Improved security and installation reliability through the .NET framework

  • A new version of the plotting package has also been included in new/significantly updated models.

April 2008

(NFT Version 3.0)

April 2008 marks the re-launch of the the NOAA Fisheries Toolbox as a completely public suite of fishery stock assessment software. In preparation for this, the Toolbox web site underwent a significant redesign.


Two new models were introduced:


April/May 2007

(NFT Version 2.12)

In April/May 2007 the NOAA Fisheries Toolbox underwent a significant update.


The following enhancements and new features were added to many of the existing models:

  • A new grid editing tool. The new tool streamlines data entry when typing from the keyboard and when pasting data from the Windows clipboard. Shortcut key combinations (e.g. CTRL-C for Copy, CTRL-V for Paste, etc.) are available for common grid editing functions. A menu of common grid editing functions is accessible by right-clicking anywhere on the grid.

  • Ability to save files with spaces in the file name, and use spaces in folder names.

  • Upgraded version of the plotting package.


September 2006 

(NFT Version 2.10)

A new model was introduced: Stock Synthesis 2



(NFT Version 2.5)

NFT Version 2.5 was a major update to the previous version of the Toolbox - Version 2.0 (May 2003).


There were six new models introduced in this version:


Many new features were introduced: 

  • All of the new models and many of the previous models were re-styled to a multi-document interface with separate forms for input and output. This allows the user to find the needed item with fewer tabs to sort through.

  • Options were added to allow plots to use default light & dark background color schemes as well as user customized schemes.

  • A plot collection feature was added to applications with many plots such as ASAP or VPA. The plot collection feature allows users to easily assemble groups of plots into a single document for ease of use in meetings.

  • An option was added so that users can view text output reports with the text editing software package of their choice or continue to use the viewer that comes with the Toolbox.



NOAA Fisheries Toolbox Version 3.1

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